Planet's BioEdit

With an very active vulcano system Krosov's geology is very interesting and dangerous at the same time. Forming gently hills on the top huge caverns and whole cavern system's formed below the ground filled with lava.                               

Until now the planet already made its first victim as Crimson of the Scarlet Expedition Force slipped in one of the lava caverns.

The AdmiralityEdit

After the recent reinstitutian of the CEO Victor Lucien to his rank of Rear Admiral of the SRN, Krosov was choosen as new headquarter of the SRN. Thanks to the newfound meaningof the planet huge building plans were started and finished. Now the Planet not only offeres the old factory and living quarters, but also Two large Administration buildings, an flat conference hall and a place between them with the Solarian Eagle.

The FactoryEdit

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The Living QuartersEdit

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Bio-Hazard incidentEdit

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Krosov ShipyardEdit

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Krosov DesignsEdit

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Elektra Class of the Krosov Factory


Legion-Class Krosov

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