Military Capabilities Edit

four Hangars capable of housing the Patronus elite Wing fighters.

Several powerful Turrets manned by Patronus elite marksmen.

Civilian capabilities Edit

Ship repairs, Medical treatment, Orbital habitation. shipwrighting, Diplomatic Embassy. manufactorization.

Purpose and responsibilities. Edit

The defense of Rendii and It's people. act as a buffer between Rendii and everything off planet.

Sector Lockdown: When Rendii is believed or known to be under great threat or Crime around the sector is at a high, the Government can issue the Sector Lockdown. Sector Lockdown grounds all Rendii ships that are NOT RDF, the entire sector becomes a no fly zone, in which any ship attempting to enter or leave the sector WITHOUT Authorization are regarded an imminent threat to Rendii. in which All guns on the Patronus are cleared to fire upon the offending ship.

Latin Name Meaning Edit

Patronus means Protector/Defender. among several other things.

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