• Kelesith

    Stardate 1311.07

    War Weary Citizens on the planet of Rendii were shocked when their Governor and defensive militant general Kelesith Lindoro, boarded a personal shuttle to a small fleet of RDF ships above. Battling it out with the Pirate Armada's drawing closer. within this fleet were Six fighter wing squadrons consisting of twelve each and the Inominatus just before Kelesith docked on it the Inominatus was shot down taking atmosphere, Refugee Outpost 32 was directly hit with the full brunt of the ship and the blast, now known as the Inominatus crater killing 100 people. right after the impact Kelesith Lindoro's shuttle was seen leaving orbit with a full wing compliment following, along with a Pirate Glaive Worm corvette chasing.

    Below is t…

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  • Kelesith

    Rendii News cast

    October 14, 2013 by Kelesith

    Rendii Industries is pleased to announce that the Rendii Radiation cleanup effort is complete and Rendii is now habitable again!  Rendii Industries settlers and citizens raced back to the planet for Resettling and have already begun rebuilding!

    In other news.

    The RDF and Patronus Elite Guard are in high gear to establish themselves to Protect Rendii from all those who would hurt innocents.  RDF ships are soon to be seen flying in formation above Rendii.

    SciSat-032V has been shot down by an unknown Terror force and destroyed, because of this The lockdown of Rendii grows tighter as all civilian ships are now grounded, and without VIP access RDF and the Patronus Elite Guard are allowed to fire upon a vessel at will, that is not marked RDF or LDF…

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  • Kelesith

    Rendii on Lockdown!

    October 9, 2013 by Kelesith


    Due to recent events in Rendii space, including but not limited to, the space duels in Rendii Space. the Androudia Station torpedo bombing and abduction of Mr. and Mrs. Lindoro have forced Rendii Space to go into a LOCKDOWN.

    for civilian safety reasons. all Ships bearing Rendii Designation code or a Rendii Insignia is hereby grounded or docked until further notice.  all ships requesting to enter or leave sector 5,4,6 must be verified by security officials.

    any attempt to break through this lockdown in a Rendii Ship will be shot down with due and undue force!

    Outpost one is orbiting outside Rendii Space but is excluded from this declaration.

    Approved by the Rendii Government.

    "I dis…

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