Due to recent events in Rendii space, including but not limited to, the space duels in Rendii Space. the Androudia Station torpedo bombing and abduction of Mr. and Mrs. Lindoro have forced Rendii Space to go into a LOCKDOWN.

for civilian safety reasons. all Ships bearing Rendii Designation code or a Rendii Insignia is hereby grounded or docked until further notice.  all ships requesting to enter or leave sector 5,4,6 must be verified by security officials.

any attempt to break through this lockdown in a Rendii Ship will be shot down with due and undue force!

Outpost one is orbiting outside Rendii Space but is excluded from this declaration.

Approved by the Rendii Government.

"I dislike having to agree to this, but I am protective of the people I govern, all of this illegal activity and attacks on Rendii have warranted this to my great disdain.  Rendii Station "Patronus" has been given authorization to be re armed and security privledges, may she protect Rendii and her people from catastrophe."  Kelesith Lindoro - President of Rendii Industries.

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