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Vivacitas is a roleplay server for the game StarMade. This wikia is a place for players to find server information/news (both IC and OOC), expand the stories of their characters, flesh out their factions, or even showcase the ships that they've designed. It is our hope that this wikia will help to make the server feel more alive, be a place where players can interact, and serve as a tool for collaborative world building.


Explore the categories below to learn more about the world of Vivacitas in StarMade!

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  • GNN Vivacitas

    Stardate 1310.16

    Archon Esperon's State of the Federation address occurred yesterday from the Phoenix Council Chamber orbiting Solaris Prime. He outlined the current economic plan to bolster the Solarin industrial working class, touched on recent notable accomplishments of the Solarin empire, and provided future outlook into the expansion of Solarin colonies into rich new sectors. Particular focus was placed on Solarin investments into off-world mining operations, infrastructure development to enhance the safety and efficiency of the trade sector, and increased military funding to ensure the…

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  • GNN Vivacitas

    Stardate 1309.24

    A series of ship thefts has left many citizens frustrated and demanding swift action. LDF and SRN joint forces conducted operations that tracked down the root of these thefts to a group known as the Daluma Guild. A raid of their compound turned up several of the reported stolen ships. Unfortunately, the group was running a "chop shop" and officials believe many of the other stolen vessels were already stripped down and sold for parts by the time LDF/SRN joint operations arrived. Three individuals were apprehended and have been incarcerated on charges of piracy.

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  • GNN Vivacitas

    Stardate 1309.16

    It's that time again!  Interstellar teams have been training in the off-season, and Blitzcore pre-season games begin in a few days.  The first game is on stardate 1309.20 between the Stellar Saints and the Quantum Raiders! Raw, unbridled excitement. Are you ready?

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  • GNN Vivacitas

    Stardate 1309.11

    A critical systems failure aboard the Androudia station orbiting above Rendii resulted in catastrophic damage to the planet surface yesterday. Initial reports seemed to indicate multiple malfunctions in the station's power couplings. Shortly after 15:23 Terra time, an explosion erupted from the main power unit aboard the station. The station fragmented and began a descent toward the surface of the planet as orbital stabilizers failed. At 15:33, large masses of the Androudia station that survived atmospheric re-entry crashed into the planet, causing widespread devastation to di…

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  • Kelesith

    Stardate 1311.07

    War Weary Citizens on the planet of Rendii were shocked when their Governor and defensive militant general Kelesith Lindoro, boarded …

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  • Kelesith

    Rendii News cast

    October 14, 2013 by Kelesith

    Rendii Industries is pleased to announce that the Rendii Radiation cleanup effort is complete and Rendii is now habitable again!  Rendii Industries s…

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  • Kelesith

    Rendii on Lockdown!

    October 9, 2013 by Kelesith


    Due to recent events in Rendii space, including but not limited to, the space duels i…

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  • Ixalite

    New Shop Opening!

    October 7, 2013 by Ixalite

    Stardate 1310.06

    Associated Industries has finally opened the new Retail establishment, serving Lunaris prime and Rendii.  Located at (5,4,5), this sh…

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  • Ixalite

    Illegal Starship Duel

    October 7, 2013 by Ixalite

    Stardate 1310.07

    In space above Rendii today, three small starships were spotted engaging in illegal combat manuvers.  They were not seen to attack ot…

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Server application

The server is whitelisted and we use an application process. For more details about the server see the server info page, which includes server rules and roleplay conventions.


How to contribute

You can add information about your character, your faction, your ships, etc by entering the title in the box below and clicking "Create new article". Please look at existing pages and follow their format to maintain consistency.

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If you enjoy the server and would like to help out with the costs of running the StarMade server and/or the TeamSpeak3 server, you may donate using the button below. Donations will remain anonymous and will only be used for keeping the server running.


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